Our Team - Production

Packing & Labelling Operative


Luke is packaging and labelling operative. Luke works hard to make sure all products are packaged into our kraft boxes safely so they arrive to our lovely customers as expected.

Luke is very passionate about sustainable living, reducing his carbon footprint  and saving the planet and lives by a vegan lifestyle to support this. In his spare time, Luke enjoys volunteering and helping out my local community. Luke was a Georganics customer before working here.

    Packing & Labelling Operative


    Andy is Georganics packaging and labelling operative, he is very busy in the factory with placing the products into our kraft boxes to be delivered.

    Andy loves socialising and eating curry. Andy has a keen interest in French late Renaissance Art and Opera. Excitingly Andy has met Royalty but it's a secret which one! He apparently looked like Sean Mcguire when he was younger.

      Production Operative


      Rad is Georganics production operative, he fills the glass jars with our products, he also makes our products in the factory. Rad is very passionate about Ancient Cultures, Experimenting in the Kitchen and Water Ball. Rad has a masters degree in public administration. Very exciting fact about Rad is that he nearly helped excavate the Bosnian pyramids (was stopped at the border because of covid). Rad's favourite movie is The Terminal.