Our Team - Sales

Sales Director 


She develops our Sales Strategy thinking creatively about how we can reach more people and help the planet with our products. She also loves building strong relationships with our key customers whilst coordinating and supporting our team.

Piedad is very passionate about art and beautiful things. She started dancing flamenco at the age of 3 and later on choreographed lots of events when she was at University in Granada. Now her favourite thing to do in her spare time is painting with oil on canvas, a hobby that she shares with her mum and sister. 

Sales Support


Arran is Georganics sales support, this entails building relationships with clients in the UK and EU with wholesalers and retailers.

Arran is a digital nomad currently living in Spain 🇪🇸 In his spare time, he is either found swimming in the sea or hiking in the mountains, when he's not working (although you'll sometimes catch him working on the beach too). His favourite animal is his dog Lulu (featured in the picture)! 

USA Sales Developer


Harriet is the Sales Developer for Georganics USA. Whilst building new relationships with buyers and wholesalers, she’s also researching the natural and organic products market in the US. Harriet has been animal obsessed for as long as she can remember, any animal growing up, you name it - she had it! Not to mention she was that nutty, horse-obsessed girl in your class at school. Therefore she is super passionate to be working for a brand like Georganics that is committed to creating products that eliminate the need to bring harm to animals.

Harriet’s favourite TV show is Friends, causing her most common phrase to be ‘That’s like that episode of Friends!’.